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Nikon D 610

D-610 is in the House! Finally broke down and bought a new camera. There was nothing really wrong with the old one other than in this crazy digital world a D-SLR with only 6.1 megapixels is just so old. Most smart phones have more than that. The reality is, that number is fine for basic projects producing a very nice print at 13 x 19”. Beyond that though, the image starts to “fall apart” unless some fancy algorithms are applied. Otherwise great images have a size limit and that reduces the opportunities to sell that image. Many companies want massive files for the potential use as billboards etc. Most time these smaller files are just fine for magazine prints, personal prints and the like. So why buy a new camera then? As I find my photography growing and new interests capturing my attention, there is a growing need for the larger files sizes produced by this camera. Printing wall size images opens up bigger potential clients and opportunities alone. Still that isn’t the only reason. The technical specs in this and most “serious” D-Slr’s sold today are impressive. Increased noise reduction. (Is that an oxymoron). Sharper clearer images due to improved sensor technology. More bells and whistles than I can use. But still the “art” of the art form of photography still lies with the photographer. The magic use of lighting, posing and communication skills are still what is needed to create a stunning image. While the mechanics are getting easier to use, the skill set is still in the photographer and not the camera!


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