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Christmas for the Photographer 2015

GIFTS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS As I sit here just scant weeks before Christmas, I have received the annual request for a Gift list for my birthday, November, and Christmas. Most Photographers (Pro or Amateur) are gear heads. We love all the latest goodies and gadgets. Some of which are useful and most of which aren’t. We all want the latest bag, lens, or doo-dads. Most of which are very expensive and out of the buying range of most gift buyers. So I decided to create a list of things photographers might like that won’t break the bank!!! So (TRUMPET FANFARE) here is my: Gift guide for non-photographer gift buyers for photographers! Smoke Drops - Pro-Grade Special Effects

Magical elixirs let you make instant smoke, anywhere! $49 Take your photography to new levels! (Also good for a diversion in the Zombie Apocalypse!) Nikon Camera Lens Mugs Canon Camera Lens Mugs

$25-40 Depending on Focal length They look so much like real camera lenses that people won't know the difference ... until they see you sipping coffee out of them. At most better Camera stores or at the link below: NIKON CANON The Leather Camera Lasso $64 The Lasso keeps your camera secure so you can safely reach out for otherwise hard-to-get shots. The Lens Bracelet

This silicone bracelet is one size fits all and is an exact replica of your favourite lens. In a pinch they can be used on your lens if it suffers from lens creep! Nikon or Canon sets $15-25 Camera Lens Shot Glasses, Set of 3 available from many vendors on eBay

Camera USB flash drive 35mm Film Canister USB drive

These are clever little USB storage devices in sizes 8-32 GB sizes. Great for on-site storage. Again many vendors on eBay and Easy sell these. Of course there are hundreds of other suitable items but these caught my eye and they don’t break the bank! So to all, a Merry Christmas from Craig Andrew Photography!!

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